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Firestone AT's on my taco. Second set. First had over 60,000 miles on em and probably could have handled another 10k.

Quite ride and great grip. The only tire I'll ever buy.

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As mentioned in a previous post. I have a brand new pair. Vibrams, not felt. Discuss price on PM.
2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4WD. Been running Firestone AT's for about 40k right now, best tires I have run for overall performance off road and on road, wear, and low road noise. Not the least noisy set, but not that bad for my truck. Have run 3 sets of Michelins- great mileage, better on fuel economy, lowest noise,over 50k on all sets, but never liked the off road performance, just did not get enough grip with my truck. Had Bridge Revo, complete shit on my truck, 25k at best, wanted them because used to haul a lot and they were supposed to be best, but not on my heavy truck. My tire guy sells a lot of tires and put me on the AT's and will be my next set again.

Tire performance is very dependent on what vehicle you are running them on IMHO.
I've pretty much had Goodyear in one form or another for the last 6-8 sets of tires on my trucks. Funny thing is that everyone I've asked has mentioned something other than Goodyear.
If you are the type that thinks Shakespeare fly rods are just as good as G Loomis, then by all means get the Coopers. If you can tell the difference when you fish those rods and feel that you need the performance of the Winston to get the most out of your fishing experience, then go with the Michelins.
I don't know a lot about the Revos, but Bridgestone typically makes a decent product.

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My dad has the Revo. Not sure if it's the original or 2. He never drives much so no real testing with him.
I've heard great things about the LTX MS and MS2. The AT2 just seems like it'll be much quieter and more durable than others.

A friend of mine that lives in Fancy Gap with plenty of ice and snow loves his Cooper set. He's on his second set.

A tire man told me earlier that Firestone (owned by Bridgestone) Destination AT is a hell of a tire and will last damn close to the rest.
I used run Bridgestone AT Revos on my Tacoma. I don't like noisy aggressive tread tires. I want quite ride but still have traction in the mud and snow. I was real happy with the Bridgestone but then I got my Tundra I went to my tire guy (a guy I know very well) and asked for the Revos, he said that they were hard to get in my size and would take 3 weeks to get here. He recommended Cooper ATs. They have a more aggressive tread than the Bridgestone and are not noisy and he said the well last as long as the Bridgestone and told me he was on his second set. Since they were about $300 cheaper I went with them, and have been very pleased.

I think they are rated for 50 or 60k miles

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The AT2s will be the best for you. If you can find some of the old LTX MS2s, get them. Otherwise the Defender LTXs. The KO2s are good performers, but they aren't going to last very long and are heavy/loud/shitty gas mileage. I guarantee you the AT2s will get you anywhere you want to go.

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My pickup requires a new set of tires very soon. I'm off-road somewhat often, but put a lot of miles on it by way of paved roads and interstates. All-terrain is in order here. I've heard Michelin are some of the best. BF Goodrich also has my attention. I need something that will last through a lot of miles but can still get it done in the mud/snow etc. The two I've considered are listed below. Any suggestions or comments on either? Something else that's better? The set I have on now are All-Season Good Year Wrangler.

Michelin LTX AT2 - All-terrain but barely from the looks of it. Should last a long while.

BF Goodrich KO2 - Much more aggressive. I'm not sure if these aren't too much for what I need.

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